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Zurvita is a network marketing company in the, near, $1 trillion health and wellness sector.

Zurvita has 3 core beliefs:
1. Create a company that glorifies God
2. Create strong but humble leadership
3. Create an environment where people can win at every level

Zurvita, zurvita review, zurvita scam, zeal for lifeZurvita ~ Products

Zurvita offers a selection of products focused on the healt and wellness niche, as well as, ones that provide support to Zurvita associates.  Zurvita’s primary product is Zeal.  The ZealForLife marketing campaign has proven to be a focused and highly successful program for Zurvita.



Are Zurvita Scam Claims True?

If you’re reading this Zurvita Review, then you are probably looking for additional information about Zurvita. You may have been exposed to their product line and/or their business opportunity.  The most common concern is whether Zurvita offers a legitimate business opportunity that could work for you.  the truth is this…Zurvita is the real thing.  Zurvita offers a viable opportunity to those that are willing to put in the work, treat it like a real business, and are not looking for a get rich quick scheme.


So, Can You really Make Money With Zurvita?

The company’s compensation plan gives you 3 ways to earn an income.  Immediate income is earned by selling products, leadership bonuses can be earned based on the level of productivity, and on-going residual income can be earned. Zurvita also offers a luxury incentive car program for their top producers.  The compensation plan seems to be fair, balanced and gives you a real opportunity to earn a comfortable income.  It is certainly possible to generate a very respectable online income with Zurvita.

NOW…HERE’S ANOTHER TRUTH…”Just joining Zurvita will not make you successful”.

Zurvita offers an opportunity, the rest is up to you. You will have to market, prospect, and sponsor people into your own network.  You will need to attract customers, partners, and train your team.

What is your plan to market your business and generate leads?

You’ll need a system that helps you leverage the internet, allows you to self brand, and trains you in attraction marketing.  You’ll need a proven system that allows you to manage marketing campaigns, generate leads, and manage communication among your team

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