Vitel Wireless – Can you really make money with Vitel Wireless?

Vitel Wireless is a young network marketing company based in Spring, TX.  Vitel Wireless offers an array of telecommunication based products.  These range from energy services, wireless communications, cable and satellite TV, and home security.

What I like about Vitel Wireless is the idea of a one stop shop for all my home based product needs.  It appears that they are primarily re-seller of name brand products and services, and their real value is in the packaging. 

vitel wireless, witel wireless review, vitel wireless scamFor the opportunity seeker, Vitel Wireless offers a comprehensive suite of products and services on which you can earn commissions.  Additionally, in the tradition of all network marketing organizations, once a rep is enrolled, they can build their organization by enrolling others and earning increasing commissions as the team grow in numbers and volume of sales.

Like most other network marketing companies, Vitel Wireless has had its share of scam claims.  The majority of these claims come from folks who thought they would join the company and just start making money.  They didn’t realize, or they didn’t commit to actually working.  Well, network marketing is a business, and Vitel Wireless offers a great opportunity.  Vitel Wireless is not a scam.

Vitel Wireless Review

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