Viridian – Scam? or Legitimate Opportunity?

Viridian, founded in 2009, provides an alternate energy supply alternative option.  With energy deregulation, customers have the opportunity to choose their service provider.  Viridian provides competitive rates to other providers in their markets.

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Viridian offers a direct sales business opportunity that allows individuals to join Viridian as an associate and sell energy services.  With two enrollment options ($199-$399), Viridian associates earn income through both new associate and new customer enrollments.


While Viridian scam claims exist, I found nothing to suggest Viridian is anything but a legitimate opportunity.   Most scam claims arise from  individuals who did not do the necessary work, or develop the skills necessary to succeed.  The bottom line is this, you have to treat network marketing like a business, and put in the time and effort, invest in your business and yourself, and develop the skills necessary to succeed.

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