Velata Review – Should you join Velata?

 Velata – Who?

Velata broke onto the scene in 2012.  Brought to you by the well-known network marketing company, Scentsy, Velata has the experience and backing to sustain itself through the initial growth stages.

Velata’s product is simply chocolate fondue.  It’s an interesting concept, in that the entire product line of Velata is one that promotes social gathering.  What’s more interesting is that the auto-ship product is regarded as high end chocolate.

 Why you’re here…


You’re likely here for one of two reasons.

1 – You’re doing your research and considering partnering with Velata

2 – You’re a Velata consultant and like 90% of all network marketers, you’re looking for a breakthrough in your business.  You’ve hit a wall, and are looking for a way to find MLM Success.


What you must do now to achieve MLM Success-

Research is a very important task when considering business opportunities.  Honestly, the product or service makes little difference.  Choose a product and a company you can be proud of and enjoy. Also, while some are better than others, the compensation plan won’t make or break your business.

Regardless of what company you choose to work with, you MUST learn how to generate leads online and offline. Learn to attract people to you and you will see the success you envisioned when you joined the company.

You must learn how to attract customers and consultants to your team.  It will mean the difference between becoming another frustrated statistic and achieving success.

If you truly want your Velata biz to succeed, you can’t rely solely on friends and family.

A look at Velata…

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