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The latest trend on Facebook it the use of hashtags.  Many users have been waiting for this new feature while many others really couldn’t care less.  In this post we’ll talk about why you should care, and how to use facebook hashtags to improve your social experience. 

What are hashtags?

facebook hashtagsBasically, hashtags are any word or phrase preceded by a hashtag (#).  For example: #financialindependence, or #makemoneyonline.  Hashtags allow the system, in this case facebook, to establish a relationship among people that may otherwise have no connection.  Simply put, if 2 people include the same hashtag in their post, facebook can link them together through this commonality.



Hacebook hashtags: Why does facebook care?

Hashtags ingrained themselves through Twitter and people quickly caught on to the idea.  User have been posting hastags on numerous other social media sites, but only within the last few weeks has facebook started to support them.  Facebook hashtags are a big deal to facebook because it lets them promote connections between folks that share a common hashtag (which they view as an interest).  The whole cross connection of the social media platform means that facebook thrives when people establish new friends and fans.  That means as people post, like, and share…more people will see it.  Of course, this intern means facebook advertising gains more exposure “organically” and facebook revenues climb.


Facebook hashtags: Why should you care?

About 3 weeks ago I surveyed folks, asking them what facebook hashtags means to them.  Responses ranged from “hard to read status updates” to “too many people getting involved in every conversation”.  When I solicited internet marketers the responses included: “I don’t see the point”, “incredible opportunity”, and “what are hashtags”.

Well, here’s the deal…hastags will let you connect with many more people.  Facebook hastags serve as clickable link allowing facebook to connect posts, comments, etc that included the same hashtag.  The downside is so many people write their update and then include a dozen hashtags.  This practice will cause people to avoid their use.  The updates become difficult to read, or become a part of too may discussion threads that it becomes overwhelming and backfires on the writers intended results.  However, by limiting yourself to one 1 or 2 hastags, you can avoid this issue.  Facebook hashatags have the potential to become a boon to marketing: both personal and professional.  No only can hashtags help establish personal connection with folks that share a common interest, they can also help connect people with the professionals, products, and services they need.


In this brief video I discuss a little bit about using facebook hashtags to establish positive relationships with new customers, clients, and partners:

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