Solavei Review – The Challenge Solavei Reps Face

solaveiIn this video I talk about Solavei and the biggest challenge that Solavei reps are facing.  Solavei is a new network marketing company that is fast growing in the wireless communication sector.  Solavei provides flat fee service for unlimited calls, texts, and data,  for wireless customers.  They have contracted services and piggyback on the T-Mobile network.

Like others in the industry, Solavei has been the subject of scam reports.  More often than not, these are made by individuals who did not do the necessary work, or develop the skills necessary to succeed.  The bottom line is that, you have to treat network marketing like a business, and put in the time and effort, invest in your business and yourself, and develop the skills necessary to succeed.  We cannot do business the old ways, and expect to succeed in today’s digital world.

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