Pyramid Scheme? Is Network Marketing and MLM a pyramid scheme?

pyramid schemeThroughout time, the direct sales industry has branched off along a few distinct paths.  One, being catalog and direct mail marketing; another, being Network Marketing and MLM.  Over time the network marketing and mlm branch has received a bad rap.  Often referred to as a pyramid scheme, network marketing and mlm companies have proven to stand the test of time.  The idea of a pyramid scheme is more strongly associated with financial schemes that have no product or service backing.  While there are illegitimate businesses in every sector, the industry in and of itself is certainly not a pyramid scheme.  Most have simply not learned about the industry, or have not experienced success in the industry, and hide behind the phrase “pyramid scheme” as an excuse for their shortcomings.

Network Marketing and MLM companies embrace a unique business model that pays its customers for helping them build their business and sell their product.  What if you got a referral fee for telling a friend to frequent a local store?  Well, in a nutshell, that’s network marketing.

Learn more about network marketing and the mlm industry.  Understand what a pyramid scheme really is.  Realize why so many people turn to the network marketing industry to earn income working from home, and how you too can overcome the pyramid scheme mentality and start earning a sizable income, part-time from home.

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