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ARIIX, based in Bountiful, Utah, was founded in July 2011 and markets a proprietary line of dietary supplements.  The core group of founders migrated from their old health and nutrition based company where they were established marketing leaders.

ARIIX offers several enrollment options starting at $200.  New ARIIX Members also purchase a Business Orientation System at the time of signing-up. There is also an option to enroll as a Preferred Customer.

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ARIIX calls its compensation structure “multi-line” and claims there will be an increased flow of income to the top and bottom lines because of this structure. ARIIX reps have the opportunity to earn from retail sales, enrollment based commissions, and various bonuses.


Is Ariix a scam?

There have been numerous ARIIX scam articles, but I have yet to find one of significance.  Many people just don’t commit to work the opportunity as a real business and fail to apply the necessary skills to succeed.  Many think, simply because they sign up with ARIIX, they’ll effortlessly begin to make money.  Often, those who don’t succeed, start calling the company and the industry scam.  Well, Ariix is no scam.

Ariix Review

In Ariix, and other network marketing companies, quite a few people earn sizable incomes. These leaders often have one principle technique in common, they leverage the internet.

Whether you have decided to partner Ariix or another network marketing organization…You need to leverage the internet to generate leads and build your business now. Get started on your path to MLM Success at

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